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Creative & Digital Marketing | Public Relations & Events Management

Our Pursuit of Extraordinary - Launch Film

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Developed a captivating campaign featuring a compelling launch film for Pan Pacific Orchard's opening. The film takes viewers on a journey alongside a seasoned traveller, immersing them in an experience at Pan Pacific Orchard that transcends ordinary descriptions. Our aim is to showcase the next level of extraordinary living that awaits guests at the hotel.

Social Media & Media Buys

Devised an impactful social media strategy and crafted engaging assets to drive awareness and engagement for the grand opening of Pan Pacific Orchard. This included the creation of eye-catching digital banners and digital out-of-home assets.

Scan for More

A campaign to promote UNIQLO's innovative application. Customers can discover a world of possibilities at their fingertips, with just a simple scan - learn more information about the products, do an online alteration and receive them on the same day.

The campaign video is used in UNIQLO stores globally and promoted digitally with strategic

ad buys.

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Digital Marketing

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Oversaw brand's digital presence including social media, content creation, photography, videography, copywriting, newsletters, campaigns, and ads. Collaborated with digital team to enhance e-commerce site, craft targeted blog content, and optimise product placement to boost sales both online and in-store, aiming to elevate brand visibility.

Singapore AeroPress Championship 2024

Aeropress A2 Main Poster.png

Played a pivotal role in the successful organisation of the Championship by crafting engaging social media content, designing e-newsletters, coordinating merchandise preparation and product sales, developing strategic marketing initiatives, and event venue set-up.

Store Openings

A film exclusively for UNIQLO's first neighbourhood outlet in Singapore, intended for in-store and social media use. To generate excitement, we organised a live stream a day prior to the grand opening, showcasing the range of available items, limited-time offers, and the various activities awaiting visitors during the opening weekend.

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Social Media & Media Buys

We did a photo shoot for the novelty item distributed exclusively during the store opening at 51@AMK and created an art direction for this campaign's social media postings.

World of Film

Sony WoF Homepage.png

An inspiring competition that empowers filmmakers to unleash their boundless creativity and bring their dream films to reality. Participants were invited to submit their imaginative ideas, and the most exceptional entry received full support from Sony to transform it into a cinematic experience that they've imagined.

Social Media for Participating Countries

Skechers x Good Year

The perfect blend of style and functionality. Featuring a collaboration between Skechers and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. We show a father-son duo going about their day in their new Skechers. 

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International Women's Day

Gathered dancers with different styles to celebrate International Women's Day. They embraced the authenticity of their style and the uniqueness of their spark, not letting anyone dictate otherwise. 


The realms of artistry, talent and uniqueness consistently ignite inspiration. Once the wheels of creativity are set in motion, their momentum becomes unstoppable. Featuring JD Exclusive Adidas outfits with these talents.

AMOS ANANDA Streetwear Capsule Collection

An exclusive KFC x AMOS ANANDA Streetwear Capsule Collection with 11 limited-edition designs for National Day. Inspired by Always Original, encouraging customers to showcase their original state of self with KFC streetwear.

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Social Media Management

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Assisted in the creative production of social media posts and managed Facebook/Instagram ad buys for the brand's launch in 2021.

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We invited guests to test the new product and give us their first impressions.

Hotel Loha 
Short YouTube Series

Co-produced the first 2 episodes of a short YouTube Series - Hotel Loha where we bring the audience around the best hotels in Singapore and tourist spots nearby, as we prepare for post-covid travel.

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Photography & Video Production 


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